Your Local Lift + Crane Maintenance Provider

For over 80 years combined, Gippsland Lifts + Cranes has specialised in a comprehensive range of complex lift and crane inspections, repairs and upgrade services.

Our Services

Routine Service + Inspection

To guarantee your crane is performing safely and to the best of its capabilities, we provide detailed routine maintenance inspections including a diagnostic evaluation of your entire unit.

Repair + Emergency Call-Outs

We are here when you need us most, 24h a day and 7 days a week. In case of a breakdown our team of expert technicians is at hand to troubleshoot and perform safety inspections on-site.

Installations + Upgrades

Whether you want to upgrade your existing unit to conform with the latest government regulations or install a new unit, we have the experienced professionals to help with any project.

Why Gippsland Lifts + Cranes?


Largest and most comprehensive lift + crane maintenance provider within the region.


24-7 emergency service with some of the industry’s fastest response times.


Specialist in both lift and crane services for over 80 years combined.


Comprehensive suite of highly experienced and certified mechanical and electrical lifts + cranes services.