About Us

Gippsland Lifts + Cranes is Gippsland’s largest and most comprehensive industrial lift and crane maintenance provider. With over 80 years of combined experience, we provide inspections, certifications, installations, upgrades, and on-call services for all types of lifts and cranes.

Our reliable and highly qualified team of technicians are renowned for their fast response times, accurate troubleshooting and exceptional communication with our customers. Gippsland Lifts + Cranes is compliant with AS1735, AS3000, AS1418 & AS2550 regulations.

It’s our unrivalled technical service offering and un-compromised commitment to improved performance and lower operating costs that allows us to minimise your operation’s downtime and in case of breakdown get you back on track in no time.

Our Vision

It’s our vision to raise the safety and productivity standards for lift and crane performance with optimum response times. Our aim is to provide peace-of-mind, improved performance and lower operating costs through an unrivalled technical service offering.

Our Beliefs

We are dedicated to safety + quality

We follow the mantra “no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely and correctly”. The safety of our own employees and safe operation of the serviced equipment is paramount to Gippsland Lifts + Cranes.

We value integrity + honesty

With no interest other than providing the very best solution to our clients, we are always on our customer’s team! Our honest approach and transparent communication, allows for strong and trusted relationships.

We are innovators

Guided by our extensive experience and comprehensive technical training, we are constantly challenging crane and lift solutions to ensure an even safer, smoother and more profitable operation for our clients.